Turnaround time:

Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks (excluding weekends & holidays) for “made to order” items to be created. These are not the same as “ready to ship” items that are already made. “Ready to ship” items ship within 24-48 hours of you placing your order; they typically arrive between 1-3 days via USPS Priority Mail. Delivery times may change depending on the weather in whatever city/state you’re in. Please visit the USPS website for any service alerts/changes. 



A tracking number is always provided. An email is automatically sent to the customer from my website once I add tracking. Please ensure that the email address you’ve entered is correct. Please do not ignore the email with your tracking number. Always contact USPS customer service with your tracking information & any concerns about your package.


When will I receive tracking?:

Tracking information is sent to the email address on your order form on the day that your order ships out, NOT as soon as your order is placed. Again, you will be notified from my website. Please contact the United States Postal Service with your tracking number & any concerns. 

 ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I do NOT have a Return or Exchange Policy unless there is a mistake on my behalf. If so, I will make the necessary changes to correct it immediately. All items are exactly as pictured & described and handmade by me only. 

NO REFUNDS/NO EXCHANGES/NO CANCELATIONS. I am not responsible for any information that wasn’t read. I am not responsible for any items once they leave my place of residence & enter into the United States Postal Service. Please contact their customer service number with your tracking number & any questions.

Please do not checkout if you do not agree to these terms & conditions.